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The true history of Indian Country, which is to say the true history of the United States, is a story of abrogated treaties, of tribal sovereignty limited by Congressional law, and of specious Supreme Court decisions.  American Indians are not minorities in any traditional sense.  American Indians are the descendants of the original majority, citizens of 567 distinct tribes, and holders of special legal and political status resulting from treaties signed with the United States government.

The course "Federal Indian Law and Policy: Tribal Sovereignty and the Legal Relationship Between Tribes and the United States" has been designed especially for use by tribal leaders, attorneys, college students, and anyone with an interest in learning about the history and development of Federal Indian Law. This 18-module online course is designed to be self-paced, viewed and digested over a period of time.  Should you exit a module, your work will be saved. 

There is no need to purchase any book or course materials.  However, for those interested in supplemental readings, the following text is recommended: David H. Getches, Charles F. Wilkinson, and Robert A. Williams, Jr., Cases and Materials on Federal Indian Law, 5th ed. (Thomson West 2005).

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